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25 June 2021

Firstly, we know that many of our fans have been significantly impacted by COVID and we send our heartfelt best wishes to you all.

Now, after a difficult 18 months on and off the pitch, there is a swell of positivity building at the Club and we know that fans are starting to look forward to watching the team from the stands at Roots Hall once again!    

There is a reset taking place at the Club, across all Departments. We are implementing new procedures and processes with a view to improving the customer journey and fan experience.    

Phil and Ricky are working hard to ensure we have a team capable of winning the National League…and we are hoping for a cup run too!  

This update will provide you with information in relation to compensation for all those who purchased a Season Card for 2020/21.  

Season Cards 2020/21   

Whilst we won’t labour the point too much (because, like us, we know that many of you have been financially impacted by the pandemic), COVID has had a huge impact on the Club, its business and cashflow. That said, we want to compensate our fans who purchased a Season Card for 2020/21 and recognise their loyalty.   

There is no simple solution to this issue, however, we have listened to fan feedback, and we are offering two options.   

The two options available to you are, broadly, donate to the Club or request a credit on your season card, taking into account the provision of iFollow last season. 

To incentivise Season Card holders to donate, we are providing significant benefits for those who choose to donate. Those benefits include honouring the price of a 2021/22 Season Card for the 2022/23 season and a unique exclusive replica shirt offer (if renewing in 2021/22), as well as free entry to friendlies and your name on the ‘Wall of Thanks’. 

It would be a great if you could help the Club and donate the balance of your Season Card, however, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different.    

To recognise the loyalty of the fans who purchased a 2020/21 Season Card, regardless of whether you donate or request credit, we will be issuing you with an exclusive lanyard (and Season Card if you renew). The lanyard not only provides a visual representation of your loyalty but will entitle you to benefits including an exclusive training session at Roots Hall followed by a meet the players and management session.  

We recognise that there may be individual circumstances which require a bit more thought – if you think that is you, please complete the ‘add a comment’ section in the form or PDF below. Please note the deadline for online form submissions is Friday 25th June.  

We want our fans to be as happy as possible with what has been a really difficult set of circumstances for us all to navigate. We also need to manage cashflow and we want to give Phil and Ricky the best chance of returning League football to Roots Hall. 

The two options mentioned above are:  

1 Donate the balance of your season ticket to the Club  

We would be very grateful if fans would consider donating the balance of their Season Card to the Club. In return for this wonderful gesture, we will provide you with:  

  • A unique exclusive replica shirt (free for adults, 50% off for seniors, 25% off for ‘other’ category, if renewing for the 2021/22 season)  
  • We will honour 2021/22 Season Card prices for 2022/23 (even if we are promoted).  
  • Your name on the ‘Wall of Thanks’ which will be displayed prominently at Roots Hall and then moved to the new stadium.  
  • Free Entry to all pre-season friendlies.  
  • You will be entered into a draw to win one of the following:  
  • Spot at our Golf Day (2 chances to win)  
  • Invite to the team photo day and be in team photo (5 chances to win)  
  • Hospitality for first game of the season  
  • Mascot package (5 chances to win)  
  • 12th Man Package (5 chances to win)  

2 Pro-rata credit to your account   

If you would like to request a pro-rata credit to your account, then the sum to be loaded to your account will be calculated having regard to the provision of iFollow passes from last season. 

As we say above, we want our supporters to be as happy as possible with what is a difficult situation for all.

Please do contact us using the “add a comment” section on the survey and we will contact you in return. 

Up The Blues!

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2021/22 Season Card prices have been announced and you can find out more by clicking here.

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