Frustratingly of course will not be able to do what we all would dearly love to for the remainder of the season – get back to Roots Hall to support our team. So, we are launching a Shrimpers Trust initiative for us all to voice our support. What we would like you to do is to send us your positive message to Mark and his team to show that we are all Shrimpers in this together and are willing them all on to success.

Please keep your message to one sentence long, add your name at the end, and then email it to the Shrimpers Trust at by no later than this Wednesday 31st March. All of the responses will then be put together in one document and presented to Mark.

So, please do email the Shrimpers Trust now with your words of support, and together lets all show Mark that he has our backing to give what we hope will be a real boost for the remainder of the season. We want to be able to deliver as many responses as we can, and we would like EVERYONE to play their part in this.”

The club is delighted to help publicise this supporter’s initiative and would encourage everyone to take part – we echo the words that we are all Shrimpers together so please do get in touch with the Shrimpers Trust to ensure that your contribution is included.