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28 July 2021

Sam Dalby will add a different dimension to the club’s strike-force.

The 21-year-old striker completed a move to Blues this morning.

And manager Phil Brown believes he will provide an alternative threat than what is already in his squad.

"It’s not just slightly different, I think there’s a massive difference," said Brown. "There’s all types of number nine’s [in football].

"It’s not just big man, little man. It’s hold up players, it’s physical stature, it’s pace, it’s awareness.

"Sam’s got a quality experienced player that will be playing alongside him in some of the games, in Rhys Murphy, but also a younger one in Matt Rush who has got innovation coming out of his ears.

"He’s a different type and we’re not finished yet. Put it this way, when I joined the club the team had scored 24 goals in twice as many games. That was the reason for the relegation if truth be known.

"Now we’re recruiting goalscorers, it’s as simple as that.

"If we can get 24 goals out of one player, let alone a full team, then we’ve got a chance of doing something this year.

"But I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on young shoulders. Rhys Murphy can accept that readily, but where Sam Dalby is concerned, his challenge is to find his career and hopefully we can be that platform.”

Having brought in his seventh summer signing, Brown is now looking towards doing more business before the start of the season.

"I’m still looking for maybe another one on the frontline, if not in the wide areas,” he added.

"At this moment in time we’ve only really got Walshy and Terrell Egbri.

"I’m looking to see if we can get someone in the wide areas, possibly a 7, a 10 and an 11 who can play in all three positions.

"If not, a little bit more pressure on Sam Dalby and bring in another number nine.

"So it’s the business end of the pitch that I’m still looking at."

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