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8 February 2021

Southend United manager Mark Molesley provides the latest ahead of tomorrow night's game.

Hart, Akinola, Bwomono, White

"The little break that we’ve had has definitely helped all of those.

"It might come a little too soon for a couple of them but a couple of them were out there training today and did a little at the back end of last week as well.

"They were preparing for the game Saturday so at least a couple of them will be back with the others not too far behind."

Alan McCormack and Terrell Egbri

"It will be too soon for them two.

"The longer they’re out the more we have to be careful bringing them back in.

"Coupled together with the environment that we’re playing in at the minute; thick heavy pitches aren’t great for players to come back from strains.

"We have to build them up a little bit more and the pitches are a little less unforgiving on players who aren’t up to match speed so we need to be mindful of that.

"Hopefully they’re not too far behind to have even more competition for places which is what we need."

Brandon Goodship

"Brandon has got a good chance of travelling. He’s ready to start staking a claim now.

"Again, it will have to be built up.

"He won’t be running around doing 90’s just yet but he’s certainly back on course to be available."

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