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8 November 2020

Further changes need to be made.

Surprise surprise… I hear readers say.

When I appointed Mark Molesley, and with him several backroom staff including an analyst and goalkeeper coach, the club had already culled the squad by 13. Since then a further three have departed. Of the 13 players in last year's squad, and many in the previous season's squad, I have no regret letting any go. Most were overpaid and under achieved.

Changes had to be made then to restore the culture of the club.

At the time of employing Sol Campbell I had to act fast and there were no outstanding candidates.  Discussion with Henrik Larsson had unfortunately, for both of us, just came to an abrupt end after five weeks. Henrik, now assistant manager at Barcelona, text me a few days ago… but I do not think we expect any loanees!

So when Sol departed during lockdown I had time to really interview our next manager. When I talk about making further changes there are three areas supporters focus on.

  • Recruiting more players
  • A more experienced Manager
  • Sell the Club

For starters I have no interest in selling the club. I have a job to do and remain strongly motivated to deliver the town a successful and sustainable football club. Mark and I share the same work ethic as do his staff… we are all motivated to get this right. 

Since Mark started we have brought in seven new players (one’s gone back) and in the close season we moved several young players up from the Academy who Sol had “blooded”.  This took up a lot of places, in fact we have a large squad of players (many young and not necessarily ready for the rigour of League Two).

The way I see it, some of our players are not good enough (yet) and some do not work hard enough… the penny has to drop on that cultural change; they have to employ the same work ethic as everybody around them.

Having discharged the Bill to HMRC we now need to unlock the Embargo and recruit. Mainly in both boxes but to cover injuries too (losing Nathan Ralph was a blow). Mark and I will get this right or die trying.

These are tough times for all of us. The effects of Covid have magnified the problems no end. However we are “on it”… please stay with us; we need you.

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