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An update on the managerial appointment from the Chairman

30 September 2019

“This is an update on the managerial appointment.

Firstly, we all recognise that this is an important appointment but then again every time the club changes manager it’s an important decision. Keeping stability in the club whilst we make that transition is also crucial.

I said when Kevin Bond departed that there would be no ‘knee jerk’ reactions and his replacement wouldn’t be instantaneous. We know the qualities within the manager that we are looking for but the combination of those characteristics or persons are not always available and its right we carry out, as we are, proper due diligence in arriving at the right choice.

Henrik Larsson is obviously one of the individuals that we have been interviewing but he is not the only candidate and no decision has been made as I write this statement. I am going to Stockholm in the morning, back in the afternoon, to meet potential ‘back room staff’… but that’s it, gathering information.

There are five shortlisted candidates and Gary Waddock is certainly included. It’s sometimes difficult for the assistant to step into the shoes of the manager but in this instance Gary has had very considerable experience (a great deal more than Kevin Bond in management) and he is well-placed to stamp his authority. I maintain we have a good squad of very capable players but they need direction and certainty too.

It’s my wish to get through this process this week but I have to be clear that in making that decision I have more than one eye on the future in my aspirations for our club. This has been a factor as to why I have looked further afield than some of the merry-go-round of English managers.

In writing this short note I just want to assure supporters of the club that we are absolutely ‘on it’ and recognise the sooner we can galvanise the players, through stability, then the better off we will be and I am confident that results will improve. I hear you say that’s not difficult because we have been losing so many matches… I agree and I am as miserable about that as you are.

However, whatever decision we make will not please everybody for I thought that Chris Powell’s appointment was a good step but a manager’s head is always likely to roll if we keep losing. As I have said previously, it is not the Southend way to immediately react and sack a manager, we are better than that, but ultimately winning is what it’s all about.

Hopefully, this side of the weekend I will be able to update you again and maybe confirm an appointment also.

In closing, please bear with me, no one is delaying for any reason and we all want a settled club.

Up the Blues.”

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