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Harry Kyprianou steps up his recovery

Defender reluctant to earmark a return date but progressing well nonetheless having moved onto the anti-gravity running manchine

26 June 2019

Harry Kyprianou made a step in the right direction this week as he began running for the first time in seven months.

The centre back ruptured his Achilles late last year against AFC Wimbledon.

But after a lot of hard work, he hopes to kick on now that he's been running on the anti-gravity running machine.

The 22-year-old spoke to iFollow Blues on Wednesday morning about the steps he's taken over the summer to ensure he makes a swift return to action.

On his summer…

My summer was different to previous years. We usually get a period of time off in the off-season, but I’ve spent most of mine in here at the training ground doing my rehab, working on my strength and trying to get back to full fitness as soon as possible. 

On the difference around the training ground in the summer…

All the other boys get their six weeks off, I managed to get away for a week which was a nice break from the rehab. I was still going to the gym every day, but it was nice to get away from the day-to-day of what I’ve done for the last seven months now. I’ve not been by myself, there’s been Tom Hopper, Sam Barratt and Lewis Gard along with the staff as well, all working hard together to try and make sure we don’t waste this off season. We’ve used it well and everything is progressing.

On how the injury is…

The injury is good, it’s obviously been a long road as seven months is a long time. The period of time after I initially did the injury was a tough one. I couldn’t walk for a period of time, I was stuck at home but it’s progressed quite nicely and I’ve seen the progression from being stuck at home to getting off the crutches and walking, improving my strength and the mobility in the ankle and I ran yesterday for the first time which was a nice little landmark to have reached. 

On getting back running…

With these injuries you have to take positives from the small steps you make during that time. If you’re thinking from day one that I won’t be happy until I’m back playing it can make things difficult, because obviously it is a long time so you do have to take pleasure from the landmarks when you reach each one.

Whether that is getting off the crutches at first and just to be able to walk around, then lifting heavier weights or being able to do movement that you potentially couldn’t have done the week before, now on the anti-gravity machine running. These are all progressions that I take pride in and I have striving for.

On the next step in rehabilitation…

I have a period of time on the anti-gravity machine which just progresses, so we will increase the body weight and increase the speed and that will be getting me ready to return back onto the grass and continuing from there. 

On the rest of the team returning for pre-season…

It’s a positive to have everyone back in and everyone will already be in shape. It’s not like it I hear it used to be when players would go away and get drunk for six weeks. Everyone would have been doing their off-season programme, so everyone should come back in good physical shape. 

It’s about hitting the ground running instead of spending pre-season getting fit, people are already fit so it’s more the fine tuning to get the boys ready for the start of the season. 

From a personal point of view it’s obviously been nice to have more quality time with the physio staff. When there’s more players in we get less time individually, but it will be good to have all the boys back.

On pinpointing a return when the fixtures came out…

I didn't really do that to be honest. Obviously I’d like to have a date that I could say I’m definitely going to be back for, but I do think its counter-productive sometimes. When you set those types of goals in a long term injury, sometimes you can reach them sooner so you might not need to give yourself that extra time but on the contrary there may be sometimes that you may not make it and then it becomes a disappointment. From my point of view it’s just about taking each day as it comes and focusing on improving the injury and making the full recovery, rather than earmarking a date or game I could be back for.


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