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Bristol Rovers team news and Deadline Day update

31 January 2019

The latest from Blues boss Chris Powell as he addressed the media on Deadline Day ahead of Saturday's game against Bristol Rovers.

On the team news for the game…

I very much doubt our squad will be any different to last week.

We have one or two players that have started to join in training, Rob Kiernan and Jason Demetriou, but light training. They might do 10-15 minutes with us just to be in amongst the group, but the main bulk of the training they can’t do as yet.

They’re still some way off and working their way back, so as far as we’re concerned it’s very similar to last week.

Before I or any of our supporters get excited with regards to people like Harry Lennon, Jason Demetriou and especially Rob Kiernan who has been out a very long time, they’ve still got quite a way to go.

Building up fitness, game time, they’re still some way off and we can’t rush them. We hope they get through it all to be in contention for some of the season. We were hoping the end of Jan but it’s still a couple of weeks off.

On Demetriou and Lennon…

They still need training. You have to build up their confidence as well. With any injury you can get over it, but it’s the confidence in saying to yourself you can do what you were doing before.

That’s always the psychological side of it with any player. They have to feel comfortable with it in training for a good week or two before we even throw them into a game.

Once we throw them into a game then it’s about doing what they used to do, whether that’s in 1v1 defending, whether that’s aerial challenges, whether that’s bombing forward like JD does, doing all the things that you used to.

On Rob Kiernan…

You’re looking at close to 18 months [he’s been out], and to be fair to him he’s worked really hard and he's still working really hard.

He’s working with the group, he’s doing lots of work, you just hope there’s no setbacks – he’s had enough of those.

What he needs now is to build up his fitness and his confidence and start getting him with us [in training] on a regular basis.

He hasn’t done that yet but he’s been in some sessions. Once it gets a bit more intense we take him out and then he goes and does his work because he’s not completely ready for it yet.

On whether there will be movement in and out of Blues on deadline day…

I always say no but I know things can happen so quickly. I’ve made no secret I’ve been looking to add to our forward line, that might change I hope. I’ll be here until 10/11 o’clock tonight that’s for certain.

We’ve had one or two enquiries for a couple of our players, whether they’ll come off or not.

You always get calls on the last day. They may not get them a day or two before, but on the last day you always get them because I think people realise this is it.

That’s why Sam Hart and Stephen Humphrys I did as soon as I could, and I like to do that because in the mad rush sometimes you make decisions that you shouldn’t.

But if you’re put in a position to pick up a player or two then you look at your recruitment strategy, what you’ve looked at and the games you’ve watched.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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