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Safer Internet Day 2019

Today is Safer Internet Day 2019!

5 February 2019

On Tuesday 5th February millions across the UK and around the world participated in Safer Internet Day and Southend United pledged it's support along with hundreds of schools and organisations...

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the day was an opportunity to talk to family and friends about the responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of technology, and to remember that ‘a better internet starts with you’. 

On Tuesday afternoon Southend United Community & Educational Trust's Education Tutors helped to make students aware of how to stay safe online through an interactive presentation and some activities.

Education Tutor, Stuart Avis had this to say about the lesson with the group:

“It is very important in this day and age to make young people aware of some of the dangers that appear when being online and how a comment or a post can be perceived in the wrong ways to another individual.

"Many young people take the internet for granted and see it as a massive part of their life, compared to everyone that has grown up without it.

"Sometimes this can be a negative thing for them, and having a day like this where we can openly talk to a group of youngsters about all the problems with the internet is just what we need."

Want to know more about Safer Internet Day? Click the link here.

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