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Campbell expecting ‘robust’ game against Rotherham

13 December 2019

Sol Campbell's pre-Rotherham interview.

On the challenge Rotherham will present…

They’re a mobile side, they’re strong and dominant in the air, they’re quick in areas.

It’s going to be a robust game and we’ve got to be ready for the crosses and the one-to-one contact.

If it’s aerial battles, we have to handle that and absorb that and know that game is coming.

Be in the right position for crosses, but then also be ready for the one-twos they will want to play in the space behind us.

On top of that we have to play our game and utilise the space around us, we’ve got to stretch them and ask questions of their backline as well in different ways.

It’s going to be a robust game and we have to stand up to that.

On pushing the players…

You can’t just keep on playing and then you leave and you come back to training and you’re not thinking about your game.

You’ve got to be hard wired into football. This is your bread and butter.

You’ve got to be hard wired and be in the game. Not just one game, finish, next one; we’ve not got time for that.

We’ve got to slow that process down and analyse game by game so in between each game we improve.

I’m doing everything to make sure there’s no gaps.

We’re pushing them but not pushing to break them, we’re pushing to get their sphere bigger. To understand football and the meaning of why you’re here.

The want to win and will power to win. Physically and mentally we’re trying to push them in the right way so we can compete. Physically compete and mentally compete.

On the results over a prolonged period of time…

It can change and it will change.

They’re getting tougher, they’re getting spoken to by us all the time to push them in the right way and how we carry ourselves and the environment we want to create around them, sooner or later hopefully it sinks in.

It might take a little bit longer for certain people, some get it within two weeks, others take a couple of months to absorb everything. We’ve just got to make sure we’re giving them all the right messages, environment, feeling and structure.

Once you start getting into a proper football structure you fall into line and you understand why you need that structure.

On a Saturday when you need structure against a strong team, you can maintain it, you’re not wobbly, you’re a team, you’re together, you’re not wishy washy in the week. The reason why you train properly in the week is for these types of games so you can handle when teams are putting you under pressure.

The environment around them has not been structured enough.

We’re trying to create an environment so we can compete with Rotherham and teams like that.

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