Blues have picked up two points from their last three games having taken the lead at various stages in all three.

And the Blues boss will be looking to turn those winning positions into maximum points coming into a crucial period.

Here’s his pre-match thoughts on the game…

Sol on the result last weekend…

The result against Rotherham was a good one. You have to look at where Rotherham are in the table and where they want to get too and that is to get out of the league, or at least into the play-offs come the end of the season. 

They are a solid outfit and I think we dealt with everything they threw at us and all it came down to was a little bit of indecision.

We had a number of chances in the match, maybe if we had a little bit more coolness around the box, we might have got a couple more goals or even at least one more. 

But seeing that difference in the side is good because we are creating those chances and we’re starting to understand how to defend as a team, everyone on the pitch is playing a part in defending it’s not just the back four now. 

The passing is getting much better and we’re realising that when we’ve got a good situation in front of us we’re capitalising on it.

Sol on the midfield…

For me it’s just about getting the right team and individuals to complement each other on the pitch, I think that’s key really. 

The midfield have been sharing the defensive load and have been chipping in with the attacks as well which is good. 

The whole team played well in the last game, we just had a slight lapse of concentration.

You can’t always eradicate it but you can reduce it and if someone is trying to get through and score you can’t really give them the leg up like we did against Rotherham, but everyone has been chipping in with the work on the pitch and that’s good to see.

Sol on facing Bolton…

We’ve got to keep the momentum going that we’ve seen in recent weeks, and we’ve obviously got to reduce that gap with the teams above us. 

We’ve got to pick up points on the road at home, everywhere we go we’ve got to pick up points. The more points we get the more momentum we build and the better it’s going to be for the New Year so we’ve got to keep going, keep trying as hard as we can, keep working our socks off and keep picking up points and see where we are by the end of January. We’ve got to keep on believing. 

It’s a big game for us at the weekend, but every game is big for us now. Where we are in the league, we can’t pick and choose games.

On ending the year on a high…

 Of course it would be a great Christmas present if we can pick up points or wins in our final two games of the year, but the main thing for me is that the performances are getting better, but we’ve got to pick up points wherever we go and that’s where I want to get too.

Winning games when we’re away, the same at home or even a point at home. No matter what, we’ve got to pick up points. We just don’t have the luxury of being able to pick and choose.