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Powell: “What do you do after a defeat, you get up and you go again and that’s what we will do against Walsall.”

22 October 2018

Chris Powell wants to use the Walsall game as a way to show everyone that his side can get back up again after being knocked down.

Southend United’s five-game unbeaten run was ended after a 2-1 defeat to Coventry on Saturday, but Blues have the chance to redeem themselves with another home game taking place on Tuesday evening. 

And Powell wants his team to take the defeat and use it as their motivation as they look to kick-start another run of form. 

“Saturday’s result was baffling to say the least because we’ve been in such a good place as of late. 

“The players have earnt the right to go out and enjoy their football and have earnt the right to win points and win games. 

“It’s been such a real positive turn-around since the start of the season, but for whatever reason and it happens in all sports; not just football and sometimes is just doesn’t click for you. 

“The first-half wasn’t great and that’s an understatement from me, but it’s not as if the players mean it, they’re a good bunch who have been diligent in their work and it just didn’t happen against Coventry. 

“I believe that when you try harder and try to do things that you wouldn’t normally do it makes things worse, I think we really needed to get back in the game and manage ourselves better, which we did and Tom Hopper’s goal was an excellent one. 

“But we got hurt near the end and it’s gone against us whereas in recent weeks it’s gone for us, but that’s League One football for you. 

“What we’ve got to do is go back to basics, do all those ugly things and make sure we do them well and try to play the football that we all know we can do. 

“We’ve got to find that balance, it can be tough to find that in League One especially in the winter months and we you come up against tough oppositions. 

But you’ve still got to keep your own house and things that have served you well and I felt that we didn’t do that on Saturday. 

“It would have been great to have nicked a point our even take all three especially in those circumstances because if you don’t play well but come away with the points it’s great news, but like I've said it didn’t happen so us and the unbeaten run comes to an end. 

“But we have a game tomorrow where we can start again and give our best to prove to everyone what we really can do.” 

At the start of the season Blues were plagued with injures that forced a number of difficult decisions on the Blues boss, but in recent weeks the manager has had the tougher decision of who should he start instead of who’s going to start. 

“We had Jason Demetriou on the bench because of all the traveling he had done in the past 24-hours, Tom Hopper had just made his way back, but when he came on he made a real impact, he’s had a great start to life with Southend and he’s been a real bonus for us if I had to really choose someone. 

“Simon Cox has been on form as of late, it’s just a shame about the timing of his suspension, but we’ve had some plus points and we’ve had some minuses. 

“I suppose what we’ve got to do now is keep our focus and not get too down and lose confidence. I don’t think we will do that because we’ve got some good players that were in the 18 on Saturday and a lot of the boys are coming back now and we’ve got to keep them as fit as we can. 

“Luke Hyam is training now and is looking good, John White has been training since coming back from his injury and we are looking stronger. 

“We’ve shown people that we can play a different way and we challenged because I thought we had too. 

“It’s a habit of old age that if you keep doing the same things, you’ll get results and I thought at Shrewsbury we needed to focus and challenge ourselves, we’ve done that and adapted in games where we’ve gone from what we’ve set out to do to doing things a different way. 

“I suppose it’s the growth of our team and sometimes you get hurt, and we’ve been hurt maybe a lot more than I would have liked, especially towards the closing stages of games at home with Charlton, Peterborough and now Coventry and they are tough to take, because you think to yourself that the loss could have been three extra points. 

“But what do you do after a defeat, you get up and you go again and that’s what we will do against Walsall.”

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