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8 March 2017

Will Atkinson answers your questions sent in on Twitter...

Will Atkinson was the focus of a Twitter Q&A for the Port Vale programme, and here are his answers.

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Q1: Who was your biggest footballing inspiration growing up? (via @MattNaylorSUFC)
WA: My favourite player was always Ryan Giggs

Q2: What is your favourite goal you’ve scored so far in your career? (via @GeorgeyBoy344)
WA: Probably the goal I scored against Wigan for Hull in the Premier League.

Q3: What has been your favourite memory playing for Southend? (via @Jess_Cheesman)
WA: It’s got to be winning at Wembley in the Play-Off Final to get promoted

Q4: I named my cat after Lenny – have you named any of your pets after him? (via @myparentsaremessi)
WA: I don’t have any pets but if I did I definitely wouldn’t.

Q5: Favourite away day you’ve had? (via @alfhalloran33)
WA: Bury away this season when we won 4-1

Q6: What’s your pet hate? (via @Trudy117)
WA: Rude waiters

Q7: Who’s been the biggest influence on your career? (via @wilburysteve)
WA: My mum and dad

Q8: Did you win all of the cross country competitions at school? Stamina is immense? (via @PollsFL92Blues)
WA: Yeah

Q9: I hear you don’t like playing in the wind or rain… why is that? (via @lendog18)
WA: It brings my wingbacks out slightly. I like to cover up my receding hairline!

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