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ROOTS REVIEW | Simon Cox looks back on 100 career goals

23 January 2017

Striker picks out six of the best...

Unfortunately Saturday's game against Bolton Wanderers was postponed due to a frozen pitch.

Simon Cox was the the cover star for the official matchday programme 'Roots Review' following his 100th career goal against Rochdale the week before.

Blues' number 10 sat down and reflected on the achievement by ranking them in six different categories

This is what he had to say...

You’re a striker who gets involved in the build-up. Was 100 goals something you set out to achieve? 

When I started playing it was never something I thought I’d ever get to.

Because of the way I play, I was normally assisting more than scoring the goals. It was a conscious decision early on in my career that I wanted to play that little bit higher up and be on the end of things instead of feeding people through. I like doing that as well because I like being part of the bigger picture.
But to get 100 goals, I’ve been talking about it for the last few days, it’s a really big achievement.
Something that I never thought I would get.

Have you always been that type of striker?

When I was at Swindon I had a big guy up alongside me who did a lot of flicking on, took a lot of the bumps and the bruises and I was just the person running in behind.

But I would still drop into the number ten role. Even then it was very similar to what it is now.

Obviously the higher I went up I had to adjust my game a little bit more. People are a lot quicker so I began dropping into the number ten role and then you find yourself a little bit further away from goal, hence why I wasn’t as prolific at Championship level and Premier League level as I was in League One.

I was able to get on the end of things in League One, whereas I was having to do a lot more work outside the box in the leagues above.

A look back at the 100, how would you rank them in terms of…

Most important

Tottenham 2-2 West Brom - 23rd April, 2011 

My one and only Premier League goal was really important. It gave us 40 points and secured our safety and then gave us the freedom to push on. We ended up finishing 10th at the end of the season.
Because it was my one and only, I think that was really important.

Biggest buzz

Leyton Orient 0-2 Northampton - 7th April, 2007

The best feeling was probably my first one. I was on loan at Northampton and it was a left foot volley against Leyton Orient.

It gave me the feeling that I was able to score goals. I had gone on loan to Brentford and I was playing centre midfield and hadn’t scored a goal. My dad said to me we need to get you higher up the pitch. I was number 31 and he was like we might have to change your squad number just to get you in the mood for scoring goals again.

That was the best feeling I’ve had; the first one that gave me belief that I can actually do this.

Best finish

Nottingham Forest 2-2 Birmingham – 15th September, 2012

For Forest against Birmingham. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, it still gives me goosebumps.

A lovely diagonal ball and I was able to control it on the stretch. The ‘keeper came out and I was able to lob it over him.

Best Blues goal

Southend 3-0 AFC Wimbledon – 26th December, 2016

The best Blues goal I’ve scored to date is the chip over the ‘keeper’s head against AFC Wimbledon.

Just because it was more instinctive more than anything.

Personal favourite

Nottingham Forest 2-2 Birmingham – 15th September, 2012

My personal favourite would be the goal for Forest. I really like that one.

I will never get sick and tired of watching it. Obviously I don’t watch it four or five times a day. I’ll just watch it every now and again. 

Special mention

Swindon 3-2 Walsall – 27th January, 2009

My goal for Swindon against Walsall is a good one, but that came at time when I had gone eight or nine games without a goal, maybe longer.
I wasn’t playing particularly well and I managed to have one of the best touches I’ve ever had. It popped up nicely and was able to lift it over the goalkeeper.

What can you go onto achieve?

I’ve had a lot of messages and one was from a player a played with at Reading; Glenn Murray. 

A few weeks he got 150 and he’s three of four years older than me.

I would like to go to the next milestone and get 150. I want to try and get as many as possible. 

100 is lovely. I’ve hit 100. The next one is 150 so I’ll try and see if I can get there.

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