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Moody Blues: Memories From Past Team Mates

16 August 2017

Alan Moody collection taking place this weekend against Plymouth...

In the lead up to the collection at the game against Plymouth on 19 August we asked some of Alan’s old team mates of their memories of him during their times together at Roots Hall. Here is a sample of what they said:

Derek Spence: a terrific player anywhere in the back four, cool as a cucumber while playing and when taking penalties. A great captain and leader, he was also very hard to play against before I joined Southend.

Ron Poutney: Alan was very focused and a player you could trust on the pitch. A confident and a consistent performer, I would rather have him in my side than play against him. Alan spent a long time at Roots Hall and I hope Blues fans show their appreciation to a great servant.

Garry Nelson:  I first recall seeing Alan on the touchline at Clements Hall Rec in the mid-seventies when he coached a local team - I was a starry-eyed teenager awestruck at being in the presence of a Southend legend. Little did I know that within a few short years we would be teammates. Alan was quality, not only as a defender but also as a senior pro dealing with a cheeky young upstart that gave him more than a bit of playful stick. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to tip my hat in his direction for this tribute to him.

Tony Hadley: Some of my favourite memories of being with Alan are off the pitch and on the golf course instead. On one occasion when Howard Southwood and I scored poorly Alan carried our threesome to victory and collected the trophies for best individual and best team score. He took a lot of stick from the rest of the teams there, but it didn’t faze him one bit, he was always a true competitor!    

Paul Clark: Alan was calmness personified, elegant, honest, consistent, and most of all, talented. He gave me advice when I was a kid and was a solid teammate when I returned older but maybe not wiser. Despite all of this my admiration for Alan grew to new heights recently in the face of his personal traumas - I phoned him when I heard of his issues expecting to speak to a downbeat person who had every right to feel sorry for himself. Far from it, instead he was the same upbeat brave man who I admired as a player. Alan was a great player, captain, teammate and hopefully friend. He is the very definition of a Southend United legend. He does not deserve what has happened to him but he deserves, more than most, the support of everyone even though he would never ask for it - the man has too much class for that.

In advance of the collection at the next home game against Plymouth you are reminded that, if you would like to donate online in support of our tribute to Alan and raising funds to help with the purchase for him of a specially adapted disability car, the link is:

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