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TEAM MATES | David Mooney

21 March 2016

Blues striker tells us more about the Southend squad

Who wouldn’t you go to for fashion advice?
I’d say Adam Thompson after seeing the suit he wore to the races the other day.

Who never showers after a game?
I don’t really pay that much attention to be honest. I’ll go with Luke O’Neill.

Who spends the longest in front of the mirror?
Adam Thompson.

Who’s the dressing room nerd?
If I was looking for advice, I’d go to Kevan Hurst. Does that make him a nerd? I don’t know.

Who has the strangest superstitions?
I don’t think any the boys have superstitions.

Which member of the team would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?
I’ll go with Noel Hunt because after a while I would just want him to stop talking and he never stops.

Best pool or darts player?
For pool, apart from myself, I’d say Gary Deegan.

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