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FIFA TOURNAMENT | Draw results

16 December 2016

Results from the live Twitter draw

The draw for next Thursday's FIFA tournament took place on Friday afternoon and the full list of results can be found below:

UNDER 16s 

Group A

Barcelona - Harry Kane
Manchester United - Rian Cleary
Juventus - Adam Sinclair
Chelsea - Stanley Clayton

Group B

Valencia - Ryan Tidwell
Bayern Munich - Joe Hatton
Real Madrid - Ash Collins
Tottenham - Nathan Walker

Group C

Liverpool - Taylor Clark
Inter Milan - Joe Tuskin
Borussia Dortmund - Lennon Jameson
AS Roma - Jack Lloyd 

Group D 

Villarreal - Alex Tuskin
Atletico Madrid - Preston Clark
Napoli - Oliver Smith
Man City - Alfie Marshall

Group E

Bayer Leverkusen - Harvey Willson
Sevilla - Presley Hedges
Colchester United - TBC
AC Milan - Adam Smith

Group F 

Southend United - TBC
Arsenal - Lewis Langford
PSG - Keane Brown
Everton - Charlie Stansbury

OVER 16s

Manchester United - George Colmer
Borussia Dortmund - Phillip Spooner
Sevilla - Andrew Strutt
Arsenal - Luke Jarvis

Group B

Manchester City - Matthew Cook
Villarreal - Francis Strong
Barcelona - Connor Debond
Bayern Munich - Andrew Runagall

Group C

PSG - James Sharples
Liverpool - Tom Heard
Chelsea - Jordan Groom
Atletic Madrid - Rhys Ellingham

Group D

Real Madrid - Will John Benjamin
Tottenham - Luke Kennelly
Napoli - Ed Hughes
Juventus - Ryan Smith

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