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Dan Bentley's Pre-Season Diary: Day Three and Four

9 July 2015

Dan reports from Blues' training camp in Spain.

Blues' number one Dan Bentley reports from the Southend United training camp in Spain.

You can read days one and two by clicking here, and below is Dan's diary from Tuesday and yesterday.

Day three...

After being eased into it on the first day, we knew that we had a tough couple of sessions coming our way after day two!

We started our session at 10am and had a really high tempo session in the heat. The outfield players again did possession games on an 18-yard to 18-yard area, so they have plenty of running to chasing to do whilst also trying to keep possession.  I know the players find those sessions tough as it has timing conditions and generally three sets. 

As goalkeepers we continued our theme of reactive shot stopping whilst on the move with high reps and lots of changing direction, we did around 90minutes on the grass and finished off with 'premier league runs' which is a timing conditioned run which is hard at the best of times, but in the heat is even more difficult. But credit to the players, we all stayed inside the time limits and everyone looks very fit and sharp.

That afternoon we had a lower body gym session which contained some jump squats, leg press and various other rigorous activities. It's fair to say on Tuesday night we were all knackered!

Day four...

The fourth day consisted of a double football session, so one between 9am  and 11am and one between 7pm and 9pm. The first one again was a similar theme, with added conditions such as limited touches. The quality of the session was excellent, again the boys look very sharp. 

Us goalkeepers worked on crossing, so there is an initial cross followed by a shot so this recreates the movements we do in games, again it is high sets so we are working very hard, within the session is actually a hidden plyometric workout as we are continuously jumping to take crosses and then working our feet to get into the correct position based on where the ball is.

That evening we were back down to the training pitch but this time, the goalkeepers were integrated with the team, we had 'end zones' at each end of the pitch, to which the players could use us as an outlet, the conditions varied each game as we were only allowed to use feet for the first set, only hands for the second set and a mixture for the third. 
Iit was very beneficial for us as it worked out distribution and the standard of the games in general were excellent. Into the final full day!

Until then!


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