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Dan Bentley's Pre-Season Diary: Day One and Two

7 July 2015

Southend's number one speaks from Spain on how the Blues are getting on.

Blues' number one Dan Bentley pens his thoughts of days one and two of the Southend squad's pre-season training camp in Spain.

Day One...

After an early start leaving Southend Airport in the morning, we arrived at the hotel during the afternoon. It was a smooth flight to Spain.

The hotel is very nice and all the lads think we're very fortunate to have the venue that we have. The facilities on offer are absolutely first class and a lot of the players have said that already.

We had some food straight away after arriving at the hotel before having a short time to ourselves before a pool session planned in the afternoon at 4.30pm. 

We did around an hour or so in the pool, which involved a lot of stretching, movements and dynamic work to allow our bodie to loosen up after the journey.

We then had a light rest in the evening to prepare ourselves for what we knew would be a tough session the following day.

During dinner that night, the manager has a quick chat with us all to allow everybody to get re-acquainted and for the new boys to mix with the rest of the lads before telling us the plan for the week.

Overall a really good day and I'm sure this will be the beginning of a worthwhile and beneficial trip.

I'm sure it'll be gruelling, but it's a case of 'no pain no gain'. We know that all this hard work we put in during the early stages of pre-season will benefit us for the long-term in League 1 next season.

Day two...

The following morning we again had a session in the pool, which was slightly more rigourous than the previous day, again, it was to allow our bodies to get used to the movements we have used on a daily basis for the last ten months.

You try to keep your fitness up as best you can during the off season, but sometimes you just need to get back in the swing of things, and pool sessions allow you settle back in.

That afternoon we headed down to the training ground for the first time, again, the facilities were very good and we had an hour and a half of training.

The boys were all raring to go and the tempo of the session was excellent. As goalkeepers, we did a lot of speed work around our goals, mixed with reactive shots, while the outfield players were doing a possession game at different timing intervals.

In between our sessions, we have to get our rest and sleep to keep our sessions we have to get rest and sleep to keep our energy levels as high as possible. We also have food every couple of hours, again for the same reason. So far, so good!

Until the next one!...


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