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#AskPross: Defender Luke Prosser answers your questions

8 September 2014

Luke Prosser answers your questions for our matchday programme.

Trevor Emery: How hard is it to keep your shirt in this current squad?

LP: “It is extremely difficult and that’s why I will be working as hard as I can to keep my place in the team. The defenders that have come in are of a very high standard and I’ve got three excellent centre-backs to be competing with now for a place in the team.”

Harry Buckley: Since making your debut, which kit has been your favourite to play in?

LP: “I have to say, I really like this season’s home kit. It’s much nicer than the last couple we’ve had. As for away shirts, I liked the pink one we had a few seasons ago.”

Sam Leveridge: Who is the toughest player in the squad?

LP: “I’d have to say Barry Corr. I definitely wouldn’t like to go up against him in a fight.”

Alex Young: Who is the biggest comedian in the team?

LP: “We’ve got a few funny players at the squad but Conor Clifford has been in good form recently and Adam Thompson always makes us laugh.”

Andrew Strutt: Do you deliberately hurt your head so you can wear a bandage and stand out from the rest of the team?

LP: “Haha! No, trust me I don’t want to be getting all these scars because they will still be with me once I finish playing football. It did become some what of a ‘thing’ though last season, and then I had one at the start of this season too.”

Mark Shrimper: Who out of your centre-back partners has impressed you so far?

LP: “I’ve played with them all now and I have to say I’ve been impressed with all of them. I played alongside Mads for the first time on Tuesday night and I thought he did well.”

Anthony Scarfe: What is your favourite Southend United goal that you’ve witnessed, and scored?

LP: “That would have to be Ryan Leonard’s strike against Portsmouth last season. It was a brilliant goal. In terms of scored myself, I’d probably say the one against York City last season.”

Daveo Ashworth: Who is the least intelligent in the first-team squad?

LP: “I’d probably have said Conor Clifford but a few of the lads play card games and do quizzes on the coach to away games and I’ve heard Cian Bolger isn’t too switched on.”

Jade Davison: Who is the most intelligent in the first-team squad?

LP: “I’ll go with Lee Barnard. He’s a man that knows his stuff.”

Ben Cotton: How do you think Southend will do this season?

LP: “I think we’ll do well. It has been a tough couple of weeks but the aim at the start of the season was promotion and I am very confident that we can achieve that as a squad with your support.”

Luke Barrett: Who do you think is the best player in the Southend squad?

LP: “We have got quite a few youngsters with a lot of potential, including Daniel Bentley and Ryan Leonard. On Tuesday night you saw just how good Jack Payne is and he’s got a lot of potential too to do very well.”

Alec Hitchman: Who at the club is the best at FIFA?

LP: “I have to be honest and say I don’t really ever play it so I wouldn’t know. One of the younger lads will probably be the best.”

Adrian Lipinski: Who is the hardest opponent you have faced since you joined Southend?

LP: “The strongest player I’ve come up against is obviously Adebayo Akinfenwa, but the trickiest would probably be Matty Fryatt for Hull City last season.”

Ollie Poskitt-Richardson: Who has been the toughest team you’ve ever played against?

LP: “Again I’d have to say Hull City here. They were a good side and although we gave it a really good go and went close a couple of times, they proved too strong for us in the end.”

Jake Cole: If you wasn’t a footballer, what would you be doing?

LP: “I would still like to be doing some form of sport so I expect coaching or a PE teacher would be what I was doing.”

Woodyboy Woodford: What is the best Southend United game you’ve played in?

LP: “There has been a few but the Millwall game in the FA Cup last season was very special. It was a great FA Cup tie that had a bit of everything.”

Chris Hurdle: What team did you support when you were growing up?

LP: “I was a Tottenham Hotspur fan when I was growing up.”

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