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#AskPayney: Jack Payne answers your questions

30 September 2014

Jack Payne answers the questions the Blues fans ask

Trevor Emery: Who do you think has the best shot from a free kick outside the box at Southend and why?

JP: I’d say I’m up there but there are a few who are capable. Conor has already scored a couple. We’ve got quite a good record from outside the box. Hursty’s got a good shot and I’ve scored a couple as well from long range. I’ll go for either me or Conor Clifford.

Chris Hurdle: What team did you support when you were a child?

JP: I’ve never really supported anyone properly. Whenever England play I used to support them but there was nobody else to be honest. I like quite a few teams, in terms of their style of play but there’s not one I could say I truly support with a passion.

Jade Davison: Who is the best and worst dressed player of the first team?

JP: I think Barney would have to be the best. The worst… Lenny and Thommo go a bit wild but I wouldn’t say anybody dresses that badly. I play it quite safe to be honest.

Charly Watson: Did you ever idolise a football player when you were younger, if so who?

JP: When I was younger, Zidane was always the one to look out for. I think he was for a lot of people my age. Since Messi’s come on the scene it’s been Messi. Over everyone, Messi is the best player ever.

Harrison Gill: Who is your best friend in the team?

JP: I stay with Cokes when we go on away games. I get on really well with him, he’s a good lad. I get along with everyone pretty well but I’d say Cokes just about pips it.

George Warren: What inspired you to play football?

JP: It’s all I’ve ever known and all I’ve ever done. From day one I was playing football. Nothing in particular really inspired me to play, I just started as soon as I could walk and it’s always been there.

Sam Leveridge: How big a difference did Phil Brown make to your development?

JP: He’s been a big help. It’s a big stage coming through from the youth team to the first team and he’s been there when that happened so he’s certainly played a part. He watched when I was playing in the youth team and gave feedback so he’s certainly got a say in it, which is going to be beneficial to the other youngsters in the development squad.

Tom Wood: Who do you prefer - Messi or Ronaldo?

JP: Messi. I think he’s better than Ronaldo. Messi is above everyone else. Ronaldo is unreal and is an unbelievable player but Messi is in a league of his own.

Harrison: If you owned a pet tortoise what would you name him and why?

JP: What sort of question is that?! I have no idea. We’ll go for Tommy the tortoise as it’s the first name that has come into my head.

Pel Rourke: What is your preferred position?

JP: I like to play just behind the striker as that means I can get on the ball, look to get assists and can get into goalscoring situations. I like making things happen in that position.

Louis Ellison: Now your getting some first team football, have you set yourself any targets/goals for this season?

JP: The main thing is to stay in the team. At this stage, I’ve just broken through. The longer I can stay in the first team, the longer I can set my goals. It’s a game-by-game thing.

Tim Hardwicke: I see a lot of Jack Wilshire in Jack’s game. Does he see any similarities?

JP: Not really. He’s more of a defensive midfielder. He prefers the game in front of him whereas I play a lot of the time with the game behind me. We both like to run of players but that’s where it finishes. I can see why people say it – we’ve both got a low centre of gravity but that’s it.

Jack Davies: You came through the Academy, how did that help your development?

JP: Obviously coming through the Academy has helped me play full time football at a young age is a big help.

Tom Searle: Are you any good at playing pool?

JP: We’ve got a few who are good. Hursty and Barney have impressed me. I’m very average but there are quite a few of the boys who are decent at it.

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