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'Blues' Programme: #AskLenny

19 November 2014

Ryan Leonard's answers to your questions, which were put to him recently through our social media channels.

Louis Ellison: When did you first think/know you would make it as a professional footballer?

RL: I’d been at a pro club since I was eight. I made my debut at 17 so around at that time I thought I had a chance, and thankfully, I’ve done okay

James Driscoll: In terms of a general team performance, what has been your favourite match in a Southend United shirt?

RL: Last season we had a few. The two legs against Orient were up there. One of the best team performances was against Millwall last season in the FA Cup.

Alex Smith: Who’s your best mate at Southend United?

RL: I’d say it’s either Kevin Hurst or Will Atkinson, just because they’re next to me. We get on well and go to coffee shops together.

Mark Kendrick: What album do you listen to on a match day?

RL: A bit of everything. More of a rap or hip-hop. Maybe Drake.

Jade Davison: Who is the best and worst dressed player in the squad?

RL: Tommo is one of the best dressed. The worst dressed… I’m going to say Conor Clifford. He looks like he should be in a boyband like a Westlife or Boyzone – it must be an Irish thing!

Jordan Stringer: Your free kick against Walsall was sensational. How often do you practice free kicks on the training ground?

RL: Not too much to be honest. A few of the lads have a better style. Some like to curl it, or make the ball dip, but I just like to hit it. I don’t practice too much, I just hit it.

Andrew Strutt: Who is the best midfielder you have played against during your time at Southend United?

RL: The best I’ve played against – tough question – I remember playing against David Meyler when we played Hull City and he was physically very tough and technically excellent, as well.

Suze Newton: Do you have a set ritual you go through before every match?

RL: No. A lot of players are quite superstitious but I’m not really into that. I eat whatever I feel like eating and drink what I like, in preparation for a game.

Tony Wallis: From someone who is not from Southend, what’s the best thing about the place?

RL: I can’t say the nightlife, can I? Definitely not Mayhem! It’s near London and there are lots of things to do, which is a big plus to living in the area.

Karim Titouh: What team did you support when you were younger?

RL: Plymouth Argyle through and through. It’s my hometown club. If I score against them, I will probably celebrate more than I usually would!

Callum Connolly: Who do you share rooms with for away games?

RL: I share with Will Atkinson this year. He has some strange things in his locker. He can do impressions as well as go fancy dress! I’ve previously shared with Strakes and a few others but it’s Will this year.

Jake Cole: If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

RL: Probably work in a coffee shop – I love coffee - or make pasties – that’s all there is to do down my neck of the woods!

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