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Marketing Matters

14 September 2013

Marketing Manager Ryan Murrant's programme notes from Scunthorpe United

“How far out to sea do you think you have to go out to catch Shrimps?” was one of the first questions I was asked by Phil Brown on day one here. Quite bizarre, but also so relevant I guess! It was quite a surreal first day as I joined the media team and the first team squad as they headed down to the pier on the train for some PR work. What was really refreshing and great for the club and our fans is that Phil Brown is really keen to get the squad involved in the community as much as possible. Many managers these days wrap their players up in cotton wool, so it was great to speak to Phil about some future projects where the players and the club will be more visible in the town and the surrounding areas. After meeting with Steve, Ron and Geoffrey it was clear to see the club’s aims and ambition and I am now proud to be part of it. Whilst we must focus our efforts on making our loyal fans matchday experience as enjoyable as possible off the pitch we must also focus on those people that haven’t been back here this season, since Wembley or even for a year or so. I will do everything I can this end to communicate with them to help fill the empty seats but I would also ask you good people to get those people you know that haven’t been for a while back here to Roots Hall. It’s an exciting time here and as many of you have told me Phil Brown has Southend United playing an attractive style of football, so let’s get people #BackToYourRoots. There is clearly a commercial side to my role here so I will be working closely with all of our departments to maximise our revenue streams and our email communications. Also on Thursday last week I went to the Football League to talk about my matchday role as Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO). This matchday role is massive across European football and something that the Football League, like us, are keen to develop. A lot of clubs focus solely on families on their matchdays but the whole spectrum of fans is vital to us all in the growth of this club. Over the next few months I will be working closely with Steve Kavanagh and our fan groups to understand what you all want from your matchday. That said I have no control over what happens on the big green rectangle and I’m not a centre half or a 25 goal a season striker so we’ll have to leave that stuff to the experts!! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for welcoming me to Southend United Football Club. It was great to meet so many of you at the Morecambe game, the potential of this club excites me and that is the reason that I came to join you on this exciting journey. Thanks for your support and I look forward to working with you all, Come on you Blues!

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