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Feature: #AskBentley

29 September 2013

Daniel Bentley answers your questions

Neil Frost: If you could play behind any two centre halves in the world at the moment, who would you choose?
Dan: Vincent Kompany and John Terry. I’d choose them two because they have experience, passion and hunger. They’ll put their head in front of the ball and give absolutely everything. They have the ‘will not to concede’ mentality. You’ve got to be a good player to get around either of them.

@MullerReus: Do you have any advice for budding goalkeepers?
Dan: I’d say you’ve got to work very hard in training. Put the hours in and make sure you focus on yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else. Watch as many games as possible to see how other goalkeepers perform and see if you can adapt it into your own game.

@AliceeeRoss: How much do you personally appreciate all the support you get from the fans?
Dan: I think the fans are absolute different class. I’ve always got time for the fans and will always do my best to reply and respond to them. I’m always happy to sign anything. They’ve been magnificent to me and I can’t thank them enough

@SUFC_Louis: What made you realise you wanted to be a goalkeeper?
Dan: I wasn’t actually a goalkeeper, I just filled in for someone while they were away and an Arsenal scout came up to me and asked if I wanted to go for a trial. I did some goalkeeper sessions and never looked back.

@SUFC_Louis: What do you think was your best ever game?
Dan: I was really pleased with the game against Bury last season in the FA Cup or Chesterfield this season. All apart from the result at Chesterfield I thought personally I had a good game and against Bury I made a few good saves in the game and two penalty saves.

@jordannwhiting: What is your personal goal for the season?
Dan: I just want to try and keep the number one shirt and play as many games as possible. Want to try and develop more as a person and a player and to help the team achieve promotion, which is the main aim for everyone.

@Mitchkl7: Do you have any superstitions before a match?
Dan: There’s little things I do which just come naturally. It’s a routine now. I do the exact same warm up before every single game, nothing changes. Some things I have to do before a game, for example my shirt is the last thing I put always – other than my gloves.

@DanShrimpSUFC: How did it feel to play for the first team for the first time?
Dan: It felt like an honour, as it does every game. The buzz I get playing is the same week in week out. It’s hard to explain. There’s a massive amount of pride playing for the first-team.

@AndySG_01: Who is the best striker you have faced?
Dan: Gary Roberts and Dean Morgan – I thought they were both very good this season. John Marquis at youth team level was very good and he’s gone on to do very well. Raheem Sterling scored a few against me at youth level too, he was very good.

@JamesRadziusz: Who did you support as a kid?
Dan: I was a Liverpool fan growing up because my dad supported them. He passed it on to me. So playing at Anfield for the youth team was incredible – the people I looked up to as a kid all played there.

George Wade: What goalkeepers did you look up to growing up, and who do you think is the best in the world at the moment?
Dan: Growing up I used to watch Peter Schmeichel because of his presence; it was so difficult for people to beat him. I now look at Joe Hart. He’s come under pressure but I still think he’s world class. The best in the world at the moment is Neuer, Buffon or Lloris. 

@TonyRAgg: Why are you so good at saving penalties, do you study opposing strikers all the time?
Dan: Thanks very much! I do study the opposition penalties but not religiously. I like to think if I dive the right way it’s got to be a great penalty to beat me. I will have a look who does take them and sometimes have a look at ones they’ve taken before. I’m not going to give them away, but I have got a few things I do to try and put people off.

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