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15 September 2013

John White answers your questions

@LiamGlover_: Who is the best manager you have played under and why?
John: Other than Phil Brown obviously, I would have to say Phil Parkinson. I cut my teeth under him and was Young Player of the Season in their promotion season.

@JBrooks26_: What do you think about the team’s start to the season?
John: We started the season really well, and the first two losses really hurt after feeling that the performances deserved something out of the game. The last game against Morecombe was more disappointing as we didn't play well enough, however this gives us all the drive to go on and win the next game.

@DanMc_SUFC: What was the major factor which convinced you to join Southend United?
John: The attitude of the managing staff was a huge factor in my signing, having previously played at the club on loan before I knew what a great club it is with fantastic support.

@DanBasildonBlue: People say there is only one team in Essex, as you have been at the two biggest club, which one is bigger?
John: Match attendances speak for themselves ;-)

@sucnum1: Why such a change in form, what do you think the cause is?
John: I don't think necessarily it has been a change in form that has brought about three losses as we didn't deserve to lose the first two. Although it was clear to see too many people on Saturday had a 'bad day at the office' and when that happens you're almost certainly going to lose. Thankfully it was out of character and I'm sure we will be back playing at the standard that we set earlier on.

Alex Smith: How do you think we’ll get on this season?
John: I genuinely believe with the set of players that we have and the management team behind us there is nothing stopping us achieving promotion this season

Alex Hitchman: Was it difficult leaving Colchester having spent your whole career there?
John: It's never going to be easy to leave somewhere when you have been there for such a long time, however circumstances certainly made my decision a lot easier. I left Colchester uncertain of where my future lied and I know now it was 100% the right decision.

Harry Buckley: What are the best and worst things about living in Essex?
John: The best thing about living in Essex for me is that most of my wife's and my family are in Essex and family is very important to me. The worst thing has to be that everyone around the country now thinks that we're all like Joey Essex and James Argent.

George Lewis: You’ve just moved into the area, do you think being closer will help your performances on the pitch?
John: Yes! Not being sat in the car for two hours everyday can only be good for my back and hammys! 

Matthew Page: How are you settling in to life at Southend United?
John: My wife says I am the happiest she has ever seen me at work and I would have to say I probably agree. It is a great club with a fantastic atmosphere and set up.

Sam Campbell: How much has the club changed since your first spell here on loan?
John: The club is striving to raise its standards at every opportunity and there are still some familiar faces from my time before and that is testament to the kind of club that it is.

@BigShrimp: Do you have a goal celebration for when you get your first goal?
John: Yes, I used to be a gymnast at school so I should imagine a front flip with tuck landing in the splits.  

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