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9 September 2013

Freddy Eastwood answers your questions.

In Saturday's programme, striker Freddy Eastwood answered your questions. Here is #AskFreddy. Next up is John White. Get your questions for the skipper in to us before 3pm today (Monday). Look out for #AskWhitey in Friday's programme against Scunthorpe.

@IanBussh_18: When you left for Wolves, was there any part of you that thought you’d ever return to Southend?
Freddy: I did actually. When I left I was looking forward to the challenges that I was going to face. I’d really had a brilliant time at Southend United so I did always feel I would return and finish my career here.

@Simon_Dodd: Is Freddy Junior better than you at the same age?
Freddy: I think so, I was only playing Sunday League at his age so he’s getting better training than I was and he’s doing well. Hopefully he keeps progressing. 

@PeterRMiles: Who do you rate as the best Southend player you have played with in your career here?
Freddy: The one I learned the most from would be Shaun Goater. He had lots of experience and was a really good striker who helped me develop my game.

@_JamesWood_: Is there anything about your career that you would change and why?
Freddy: I do think that maybe when I moved to Wolves and Coventry I could have been a bit more professional. But I don’t regret anything I’ve done, I’m happy to be back at Southend and enjoying my football.

@MaccaMover: Who is your best mate at the club?
Freddy: I haven’t really got a best mate, we’re a good bunch of lads this year and we get on well. If I had to say one though it’d be Strakes because he was here last year too and we do get on well.

@1AaronCross: Can you see yourself finishing your career at Southend?
Freddy: I’d like to think I will. I’m really enjoying my football again and at the moment it’s great to be playing and scoring goals again. Hopefully I can keep that going beyond this season.

@TomRoss_: What was going through your head when you looked up to see Duncan Jupp running alongside you in the play-off final?
Freddy: We were 1-0 up at that stage and I think there was two defenders there and Juppy was free on the right. Rather than try and get all the glory on my own I passed it to him. To be honest, I didn’t actually think he’d score!

@DanMc_SUFC: What has been the highlight of your Southend career so far?
Freddy: I think the Manchester United game was incredible. Playing against them was amazing but to beat them was something else. But the biggest thing would be winning promotion. One off games are great but when you win promotion you know you’re going to be playing at a higher level next season.

@CallumReavelll: What is your favourite goal you’ve scored for Southend?
Freddy: Yeah that would have to be it (The goal against Manchester United). To score against the club I’d supported was amazing. I did know it was going straight in, it sounds strange, but sometimes you just know these things.

@DanShrimpSUFC: Who’s the best player you’ve ever played with?
Freddy: The best player I’ve played with was Craig Bellamy. Gareth Bale was there too but was quite young, Bellamy was at the peak, and I think he scored every time I played with him.

Francis Strong: Who was your inspiration in football as you were growing up?
Freddy: I always liked Eric Cantona. As a Manchester United supporter and a striker it was brilliant watching him play.

Jordan Stringer: What impact has Phil Brown made at Southend? Do you feel we’re capable of promotion?
Freddy: I think we’re more than capable of automatic promotion; I’m not even looking at the play-offs. Phil has changed the club inside out, on and off the pitch. The players he has brought in are terrific as well and I just think the attitude from the players has changed massively too.

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