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Blues Academy Notes vs. Burton Albion

2 October 2012

Having 130 elite players in your care for their football development holds a certain level of responsibility.

We aim to provide our elite players with elite pitches, rehab, opposition, physios, coaches, learning environment, teammates, tour programmes and training facilities.

In return we expect all of our young players to have the following:
  • Appearance – arrive smart and look the part.
  • Attitude – are you driven or do you want it your own way?
  • Application – does the individual work hard/ focus in every session?
If the player has the above three A’s then there is one more needed that is vital to give him a chance, Ability!

The key word then was a chance as even with all four there will be many obstacles that can prevent the elite young player staying in the system and becoming a pro. Ability has got him here but character will keep him here.

The standard at present of our academy is high. Probably the highest it has been. As coaches we don’t get to concerned with results we will not get judged on this, we will get judged on finding, developing and producing the best players. Educating them how to win is the key. Process, not outcome goals, is the key.

The policy has had a very positive start to the season; we aim in games to have the best players on the pitch and play the most attacking football. We must ensure our programme creates technically good players that are quick thinking and can problem solve under pressure. Our training and development programme has a huge part to play in this process.

The team managers here are different class. Sessions are game related, player driven and thought provoking.

We all have idols. Brendan Rodgers is a huge one of mine at present. He has huge believes on how to play and be successful. There is a documentary on Channel 5 every Friday evening called Being Liverpool. For all young coaches and players I strongly advise you watch this as last weeks programme was so interesting.

Well done to the first team last Saturday vs. Exeter, a great game of football!

Luke Hobbs
Head of Academy Coaching

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