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Blues Fans' Forum launches

5 December 2012

A chance for Blues fans to get their voices heard

Chief executive Steve Kavanagh is delighted to announce the creation of Blues Fans’ Forum.

Following three meetings with The Shrimpers Trust, Shrimperzone and The Blue Voice the latest of which was last Monday, Steve has decided to launch the Blues Fans’ Forum in order to help the Club move forward - and you can play a big role.

Steve said: “When I started at Southend United I spoke about the need for regular meetings and communication with the supporters.

“I have met with representatives from The Shrimpers Trust, Shrimperzone, and the Blue Voice.

“I am keen to ensure that all fan groups are given the opportunity to join the regular meetings, but it is important that they are representative of a group of supporters.

“So if there are other fan groups that I have not engaged with I would encourage them to contact me, or individuals can get in touch with The Shrimpers Trust to get more actively involved in your club.”

The purpose of the forum is to create regular formal meetings where issues and ideas can be shared to help in moving the Club forwards. Supporters should know who is representing them so that every fan has an open communication channel with the Club. 

The intention is not to be a one-way street either, with the Club looking to the forum to come up with ideas and to gauge opinion of the fans as a whole on key issues that have an impact on them.

Many clubs have implemented the concept successfully and it has helped create a good relationship where the fans feel like their opinion is valued, that’s exactly what Steve wants here.

He added: “It’s not a new concept and it is something I have always actively encouraged.  The idea is to ensure there is real visibility of the forum and that this empowers fans with positive ideas to get in touch with a representative on the forum or their group and to get involved in making Southend United a better place.

“The idea is not to detract from the excellent work The Shrimpers Trust, The Blue Voice or Shrimperzone do; or for them to be seen as the club’s mouth pieces.

“This is about having an open debate on issues but also working together to deliver change where it is needed. This forum should, in my view, help support the position of these supporters’ groups and enhance their purpose as a collective to represent fans’ views.”

If you have any issues or ideas you would like to share in order to help the Club move in the right direction, you can email

You can also get in touch with the representatives of our supporter groups. Your point of contact at each group is:

Scott Peters: Co-Founder of The Blue Voice - striving to improve atmosphere.

Ken Jarvis: Co-owner of - the SUFC fans' independent website.

Paul FitzGerald: Chairman of the Shrimpers Trust

Please note the date for the first Blues Fans' Forum will be announced in due course. In the meantime, please, if you have any issues, email

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