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The Club aim to create a state of the art modern sport and leisure stadium at Fossett’s Farm in the heart of south Essex. 

Plans include a 21,000 seater stadium, cinema, hotel, restaurants, two soccer domes and retail outlets. 
A great time to build an association with Southend United Football Club.
22/12/17 - Blues Unveil Exclusive Fly-Through Video Of Fossetts Farm Development

Populous, architects to Wembley Stadium, the London Olympic Stadium and the new home for Southend United FC, said “The way in which Southend United have integrated homes, business, leisure and sport together under one roof is a global first. This is a brilliant and innovative development”.

YOU play a pivotal part in enabling us to enter a new and exciting era in the history of this great football club!

Now it’s time to take it up a notch by sending in YOUR positive comments to the council’s online application portal.

24/11/17 - #OurTimeIsNow
YOU play a pivotal part in enabling us to enter a new and exciting era in the history of this great football club!

Now it’s time to take it up a notch by sending in YOUR positive comments to the council’s online application portal.

We cannot stress enough how important every one of your comments are in gaining the planning approval to move our club into its new stadium and training facilities so please place them on the application portal.

Plans include a 21,000 seater stadium, cinema, hotel, restaurants, two soccer domes and retail outlets.

Why now?
1. Let’s not kid ourselves Roots Hall is not fit for the modern game.
2. Like you, we would prefer to be spending money on the playing squad to get us in to The Championship than maintaining our old stadium and training ground.
3. As we all know, new facilities attract higher profile players and would allow us to enhance and upgrade the great work of our Academy.
4. A new stadium and state-of-the art training facility would not only put us on the football map but would also be a shining beacon for the Town.
5.  A new stadium and training facilities will be the springboard required to get us up and keep us in The Championship and possibly beyond.
6.  Without stating the obvious, our new stadium will not only bring huge benefits to our club but will also generate revenue right across the region as when we gain Championship status we would currently see the likes of Leeds United, Aston Villa and Sunderland helping local businesses with several thousand travelling fans spending money in our town.
7. You will recall that in 2006 we got promoted at Swansea City thanks to a brace from Freddy Eastwood and the Swans' rise to Premier League status now generates an estimated £58 million per annum in to the local economy with a huge increase in trade at pubs, hotels, restaurants and travel. The Liberty Stadium has played a pivotal role in their story.
8. With all your support and backing, once we get planning permission the first spade in the ground will happen within the adapted programme of 18 weeks after permission being granted. We own Roots Hall and Fossetts Farm to build these new facilities on and only require the green light from the council to start this fantastic project at last!
How can you support the club’s application?
Simply log on/register to the below link and let the council know why you’re supportive of the new stadium development and why ‘Our Time Is Now’.
17/11/17 - Update from the Chairman
Over the next few weeks, we hope, the Club’s planning application, submitted in April of this year, will be presented to the Council’s Planning Committee. If the Council approve the Club’s application we will press on with construction of the Club’s new stadium.

There has never been a better period to advance the Club’s plans. The original approval in 2008 was thwarted by the Banking Crisis (Sept 2008) following which the Club had to some extent tread water whilst Sainsbury’s progressed their plans. We have since needed to rethink the development of Roots Hall as a result Sainsbury’s focus moving away from large flagship stores to Convenience Stores and increased ‘online’ shopping fundamentally effecting their market.

Large Super Stores quickly became a thing of the past and in 2015 Sainsbury’s who were, at one time, the Club’s pivotal ‘partner’ in delivery of our new stadium plans first mooted their intention to review the plans for Roots Hall. As a consequence we have had to financially remodel the entire development at Fossetts & Roots Hall… both are major contributors to the Club’s enabling objectives so that the project is both sustainable and debt free allowing the Club to compete and grow. The Club is ambitious to get back to the Championship in our new home.

Fossetts will provide for a 21,000 seater stadium, including within the North Stand, a 107 bed Hotel with adjacent residential (for rent) in both corners of the stadium to help contribute to a true 24/7 environment.

The Club’s hugely successful Academy will also receive a major boost. Within phase 1 of the Club’s plans we will be constructing 2 indoor domes (purchased from the David Beckham Academy in 2014). One of the domes will be for the exclusive use of the Academy enabling us to become a Cat 2 Club and all the benefits that flow to help the Club build the stars of tomorrow from the young people of today. The other dome and which houses a full size pitch will be entirely Community use, reserved for Cecil Jones (LEGRA Academy) during term time (8.30am – 4pm) and at all other times, including weekends, for use by people of the Town including the Club’s Educational & Charitable Trust to further their outstanding work in the Community.

The Club’s Trust already delivers independently evaluated £7.38m of community benefit to the Town and which will be set to increase under the Club’s new stadium facilities. We think this quite an achievement and one the Club is rightly proud of.

On the pitch the new stadium will be the springboard for the Club to fulfil its potential. The Club’s immediate catchment within Southend is some 171,000 rising to 342,000 with Rochford and Castle Point. Beyond those immediate boundaries and within a 35 minute drive time the Club reaches out to 630,000 people.

Our immediate objective is to get back to the Championship and under the new stadium plans those ambitions will be so much easier to achieve, and importantly maintain. At Roots Hall, whilst a great atmosphere (well when we’re winning!), it is increasingly no longer sustainable for the modern era. We do our best but acknowledge the facilities are relatively poor, and certainly by comparison of what we are planning.

The new stadium will be a shining beacon to the Town’s future and a catalyst for more investment and growth of the local economy. 

28/04/17 - Planning Application submitted
We are delighted to announce that the Club's detailed planning application for its proposed new stadium and enabling development, has this evening been submitted to Southend Borough Council. 
This submission represents a major step in the future of Southend United Football Club and we now look forward to learning the decision of the Council in the coming months. 
Should the Council approve the submitted plans it would be the Club's intention to commence construction without delay. 
The club will of course keep supporters fully advised of progress through regular bulletins. 
Please keep an eye on this page for news updates and on our social media feeds, @SUFCRootsHall on Twitter and Southend United Football Club on Facebook.